Photogallery of Genius

Waiting for my candy, I have a lot of patience;-))

Genius 3,5 years old

Celebrating his titel!!!!

Genius Best male + CAC in Arnhem & DUTCH CHAMPION!!!!!!!

Genius BOB at the Cacib show Groningen

Genius 'in white'

Genius Best male at the Cacib show Wijchen

Genius at the age of 2 years

BOB at the cacib show Leuven 25-10-09

Sociale Test 25-07-2009

Genius at the age of 14 months

BOB, Best Youth Dog and 6th best dog in group 2

4th best youth dog at the show Lokeren

BOB at the age of 10 months at the show Lokeren

My proud owner Marc!!

Best puppy at the Dutch Clubmatch 01-06-2008

Best puppy at BDCB Youth Day 01-05-2008

Genius at the age of 7 months

7 months